Sales Tax Registration

Sales Tax Registration is mandatory for any business entity engaged in the sale of goods in India. No VAT is levied on goods exported from India. VAT is collected and governed by the State Government. So each State Government in India has distinct rules applicable for their State based on the type of good manufactured or sold.

Documents Required

  • PAN Card copy of firm/company
  • Rent agreement copy (If rented property)
  • MOA/AOA (In case of company)
  • Copy of Partnership Deed
  • Electricity/Water/Telephone bill of business place

Process Involved:

  • Documentation – Client Provides the documents to initiate the process
  • PAN Verification - PAN verification is applied with Sales Tax department
  • Application of Registration - Application is filed with Delhi VAT Department
  • TIN Number - TIN Number is issued by VAT department
  • Physical Verification - A physical verification of the premises is also conducted by the Inspector validating authenticity of the premises
  • Registration Certificate - Registration Certificate is issued by department on Successful Verification of Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Copy of DVAT-04 Application
  • Copy of Challan
  • Photocopy of PAN card of Proprietor / Company / Firm / LLP (Originals to be shown)
  • Photocopy of PAN card of all Director's / Partner's (Applicable in case of Companies / LLP) (Originals to be shown)
  • Photocopy of Address Proof (Voter id or Passport or Driving License or Aadhar of Proprietor / Director's / Partner's) (Originals to be shown)
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • Photocopy of Electricity Bill along with Rent Agreement / NOC (Originals to be shown)
  • Photographs of Proprietor / Director's / Partner's

Every business established in India needs to obtain certain tax registrations keeping in view the nature of business carried on by them. The non registration under any applicable tax registration attracts heavy penalties. Generally business are not aware of the various tax registration they actually need to have to undertake their business and moreover obtaining tax registration may be at times , a cumbersome process, as it involves preparing registration application & other related documents, coordination with tax officials.